(an evolutionary scrapbook thinger)

Everybody loves screenshots, and I'm a slave to the public. This page is also to let people have a look into the disjointed, unorganized development of a project over a few troubled years.

This is from the silly Qt-based thingmaker Dave wrote for no real reason. (Q4 1996)

Treat yourself, play God.

Here are some from the original ncurses-based combat simulator that Dave wrote before there was a rendering engine. (Q3 1997)

Character creation! Choosing skills I'll kill you you blue square you! The victor emerges

Here's a screenshot from v0.0.1 lite. (Q1 1998)
This was using Ko's sprite renderer and all that good stuff.

One Combatant, Two Combatant, Three Combatant; Red Combatant, Blue Combatant, Green Combatant.

Here's an up-to-date screenshot from v0.0.2 lite. (Q1 1999)
Pathetic, isn't it? Now it's running on top of Mesa, and significantly slower. I'm redrawing the screen every frame, though, so eventually I'll stop it from doing that.
I can render it on my VooDoo 1, though! Hopefully, I'll get accelerated GL drivers for my TNT someday, and then it will fly! Whenever I encounter a problem, I just throw technology at it.

Yay!  It's running on Mesa!

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