People Involved

           I'd like to say that there are a lot of people involved in making this game, but there aren't.  We are only two.
  • David Ghandehari - Game System Internals/User Interface/Platform Interface/Graphics Engine/System Architect/WebMaster
                Hi.  I'm Dave, and I wrote these pages.  "Game Internals" is a pretty vague term, so I'll try to explain.  This involves all of the basic data structures involved with representing things in the game.  For example, you walk around in the game, and you see a chair.  I have to write the code that allows the chair to be there, that keeps track of you and the chair and any other objects, that keeps track of the attributes of all the objects, that allows you to perform actions upon the chair, that determines what happens when you do things like attack the chair.  That sort of thing...
                This project is my little pet.  I went to a Freelance meeting, and they all were doing that Fish Game thing, and I wanted to do something else.  A Sci-Fi RPG! (Because RPGs were SCARCE at the time... this was pre-Diablo/Fallout/FF7/etc...) I originally wanted it to be kind of like a sci-fi nethack with graphics, but it's become a bit more than that, now.  Anyway, I want this thing to work more than anyone.  Especially that rat-bastard Billy Chan!

  • Christian Savard - Graphics Engine

                Damnit, Christian!!  Get some work done!  :D  After Chris finishes with his computer graphics class, I expect some kick-ass code coming out of him.

People that used to be involved
  • Christopher Casey - Testing Manager/Graphics Engine(?)

                Hey look...  It's Chris!!

                Born a Taurus, raised in Sunny California, and living on a diet of Guinness and Fruity Pebbles, Chris lives by the old adage that life is like a box of wine...  Not so bad if you ain't picky.
                The Xarble project means a lot to Chris, even though he's new on the team.  Our world needs better role playing games, and gosh darn it, they aren't going to crawl out of Valhalla without someone's help.  A tiny sampler of his suite of favorite games?  Start with the witicisms of The Secret of Monkey Island, add a splash of a drunken Olaf from The Lost Vikings (and, perhaps, Rock 'n' Roll Racing), mix well with a classic bout of Joust, sprinkle with his new research project Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and you've got a teeny taste of the lad's preference.  Enjoy!
                An experienced tester (read "complaining whiner"), Chris has been suddenly thrust (albeit happily) into the uncaring world of graphics design, and the lifelong career of GPL code maintenance.  Can he survive this perilous and cruel new multi-verse?  Or will it bring the demise of the eventual Hero?  Tune in Next Time for "Xarble:  People Involved"

  • Sherman Mui - UI/Sound/Platform Interface
                Greetings.  I'm the user interface guy.  That means you flame me when you can't figure out how to quit the game. We're going to be using the PenguinPlay sound engine for all our audio needs. I'm the fearless [lazy] leader of the PenguinSound team.  Don't ask what platform interface is, 'cause I don't know.  I hope it doesn't mean I have to port it. :-)
                Like Ko will say if you read on, we're in need of artists (and muscians, cuz music is art too, awww).  Hey, I'd also like to give a King Size French Fry bounty to the bodacious babe who brings us Billy Chan's head on a platter (preferably dripping with blood and some of that stringy stuff).
                Please direct bounty inquiries to moooster@uclink4.berkeley.edu .

  • Kandarp Patel - Graphics Engine

                Yo!  This is Ko!  I'm coding the graphics engine for Xarble.  The engine upon completion will be triple buffered, alpha planed 16bit sprite based madness.  I'm responsible for making the game look kick ass even though we have no art right now.  Hey Artists!  Come Help!  We need you!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If you want to help, contact us.  Even if you aren't sure that you have any marketable skills, contact us and we'll try to figure something out.  Three is good, but we cover a fairly limited range of the Skill Space needed to make this game.  So, come help!

Mail the author of this page at iffy@uclink4.Berkeley.EDU.